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The Great British Escape

Sports Day has been and gone, the teenagers have finished signing each other’s shirts so all that let’s left to is celebrate another end to the school year and finally get some sunshine!

This weekend Thomson and First Choice will see approximately 46,000 customers depart from 18 airports across the country, as the busiest time of the year gets into gear.

Majorca and the other Balearic Islands, Turkey, Cape Verde and Mexico are all firm favourites for this summer as people look for destinations with great beaches, guaranteed warm weather in destinations that they know and love. Other destinations proving to be favourites for August include Greece, Portugal, Fuerteventura and Florida which have all been selling well.

The North African destinations of Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco have all been very popular too. It seems that their soaring temperatures, great food and interesting culture have attracted British customers back, after the political changes Egypt and Tunisia went through last year.

Other trends we’ve spotted for Summer 2012 are more and more people going for 7 night holidays, particularly those booking last minute. Seven night holidays attributed for 67% of last week’s late bookings sales, although more flexible durations such as 10, 11 and 14 nights are also available.

“This is always our busiest time of year and for us as a company it’s exciting as we can see all the work we do in trying to create the best holidays possible, pay off,” says Steve Perridge, General Manager of Late Trading for Thomson and First Choice.

“I think all this rain has certainly had an effect on the way people are booking late holidays as those who were perhaps thinking of staying in the UK this summer have suddenly thought, actually let’s get away and spend some quality time together in the sunshine.”

“In terms of our most popular hotels both the four Sensatori resorts for Thomson and the 11 Holiday Villages for First Choice have done very well this summer. I think people are looking to spend their hard earned cash on holidays they know they will deliver and which have their meals and lots of activities included.”

“I’d advise those who have yet to book their summer holidays to book as soon as possible to avoid limited choice of destinations and hotels. There are still good deals to be had.”

Thomson and First Choice customers headed to Spain needn’t worry about the recent rise in Tourism Vat as the holiday companies have agreed to cover the extra costs and not charge any extra supplements.



Thomson Press Office


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